Night of Nov 30th to Dec 1st


Last night was a milder night as there was no wind. Again, I was snug and comfortable. I went to bed a little later as I hoped not to awaken as early as I did Wednesday morning. Last night I fell asleep shortly after settling in and slept through until morning. It is my week to serve breakfast to the shelter clients and so I needed to be in by 8:00 a.m. If I get a good night’s sleep I can function well at work the following day.

There had been freezing rain in the forecast earlier in the day. Fortunately, that did not come to pass. Had we had freezing rain my night experience could have been less comfortable. My cardboard condo has served me well these last two nights. I wonder, how good it would be in inclement weather? If the temperature dropped dramatically, would I have sufficient bedding to stay safe and warm? I realize how vulnerable one can be without proper shelter.

Though I feel as if I have slept well through the night I find myself tired during the day. My performance is affected by this. I also am frequently told I look tired. We will soon discover how  third night out will affect my day tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Night of Nov 30th to Dec 1st”

  1. Will there be an update to this blog? I know Scott survied the night, but would love to hear his thoughts for that night and his conclusions.


    1. Hi Colin,

      My apologies, I thought the third night’s blog was uploaded. I have re-uploaded it, and it is now posted.

      Thanks for catching that!


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