How you can help

Moose Jaw has always been a community that generously supports a cause when it needs support.  Whether it is fund raising for the Wigmore Hospital, the Trolley, or some individual who needs assistance when dealing with an emergent issue the citizens of Moose Jaw and the surrounding community have always been there.  I would like to bring to your attention an ongoing issue in this city, homelessness and poverty.   These issues will not be fixed with a one time commitment from any individual or the community; this is a long term effort.  So, how can you help out?  Whether as an individual or if you belong to a community group or faith group, there are several ways you can assist with alleviating the impact of homelessness and poverty in Moose Jaw.


Financial donations; whether it is a one-time donation or regular donations, Riverside Mission needs your help.  All donations help the Mission to innovate in the supports it provides to its clients and also invest in the essentials that the Mission needs to deliver on its overall goals. Your donations can be targeted to anyone of the many renovation/upgrade projects that Riverside Mission needs support to complete.  You can also join Coldest Night of the Year this upcoming February 25, 2017 and fund raise for Riverside Mission through this event.   Donations of packaged or frozen food items are also greatly appreciated.


Volunteer; Riverside Mission serves meals five nights a week and also three lunches per week.  They need volunteers to help serve these meals and then provide clean up of the dining hall afterwards.  If volunteering during meal times won’t work for you, call the Mission and talk with Rachel, she always needs help before meals with the preparation of the food.  Volunteering can also mean providing manual labour when anyone of the work projects needs helping hands, call Riverside Mission to see when these projects are underway and to see if there is any way you can help.


We tend to think outside our community and our country when we think about how I can help others.  If we look inside our own community there is help that is needed.  These non-profits may not get the same media coverage that other world or national volunteer programs do however, it has just as great of an impact on those you will be helping out.

Darcy Golding
Chairman of the Board



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