Walking the Streets: Night Two


Thursday November 30, 2017

There was some improvement in last night’s walk from the night before. Aaron, one of our board members, walked with me earlier in the evening and we scouted out some potential out door shelters. My feet and knee did not hurt allowing me to walk far more comfortably. I had acquired a tarp and blanket to help me stay warmer while sleeping. Despite the shelter choices and the blanket/tarp I could not stay warm enough to sleep so spent most of my night walking about town. I chose to walk at this time to coordinate with our Christmas fundraising. I am very fortunate that the weather is so mild. I had no potential hazards such as ice, snow or dangerously cold weather to contend with. People truly homeless must face whatever weather conditions prevail at the time, even extreme weather conditions. Band-Aids and nail clippers brought relief to my feet. Likely two Advil brought relief to my knee. Some hard candies helped keep my mouth from getting too dry while walking. Despite these improvements my ability to get sufficient sleep remained impaired. Imagine my peril if the weather conditions were such that I could not stay warm even by walking.

Scott Elger


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